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oferta urgente de empréstimo entre privados

oferta urgente de empréstimo entre privados

  Portugal, França, pessoas da Su&iacu...

Iphone 8 64Gb 256GB

Iphone 8 64Gb 256GB

WhatsApp: +639424152931   Pacote & Envio ...

samsun laptop series 5

samsun laptop series 5

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Samsung  Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

WhatsApp: +639424152931   Pacote & Envio ...


Loan,Bank Guarantee/SBLC,Bank Draft,Financing,Monetization,MT103 AFONSO CLAUDIO

Am a Financial consultant and a direct Mandate to an efficient provider of Bank Guarantee (BG),Loan,MTN, Confirmable Bank Drafts, Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)  issued from AAA Rated banks on Lease and Sale at the best rates with the most feasible procedures from a genuine provider capable of taking up time bound transactions. If you are a potential Investor or Principal looking to raise capital, i will be happy to answer any questions that you have about this opportunity and to provide you with details regarding these services.


Please,be informed that our procedure does not require any form of TRANSMISSION FEES.


Our bank Instruments offered can be put in all forms of trade such as: Real Estate,Aviation, Agriculture,and all kind of projects.With our bank instrument you can establish line of credit with your bank or secure loan for your projects in which our bank instrument will serve as a collateral in your bank to fund your project,this Instrument can be monetized on your behalf for 100% funding,we can also monetize same BG/SBLC for 100% cash if you do not have a monetizer.


This offer is open to both individuals,brokers and corporate bodies.


If you are interested in seeking to raise funds for your business/projects in this way,i will be glad to share our working procedures with you upon request to help us proceed towards closing deals effectively.


Thank You,

Erik.T Lawrence.


Nome: Erik Lawrence

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    Erik Lawrence

    Localização: Berlin, AFONSO CLAUDIO, ES - Espirito Santo, Brazil